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life is more beautiful with flowers from Fleuribelle

terms & conditions

  • fleuribelle farm is an eco-friendly cut flower farm that chooses to operate without insecticides or pesticides.  We believe our flowers will be more beautiful if grown with the seasons as nature intended.  We work on a short-circuit ethos, hoping our flowers will travel less than we do.  Because of this, our flowers and foliage may have evidence of nature at work, a nibble or blemish here and there or a hole now and then.  Fleuribelle takes no responsibility for this even though we wil do our best to remove any evidence of hungry creatures and critters
  • we have a selection of perennials that we know will be in flower at a certain time and we plant annuals to add to or enhance our wedding design.  These annuals are grown in advance according to each bridal colour scheme for the coming year.  Fleuribelle cannot make promises that nature will behave and provide the exact flowers asked for.  We work to a colour entire colour scheme avaialble at the time of the wedding and not to an individual variety of flower.
  • Fleuribelle asks for a 50% deposit on agreement that the Bride-to-Be is happy with our above ethos and style of work.  This Deposit is unrefundable as seeds will be bought and grown for each wedding.  The final payment will be made before the wedding date.
  • Vases, Bud Vases, Stands, Pots, Arches and Buckets are property of Fleuribelle unless stated otherwise during emails and will either remain at the venue or be returned to Fleuribelle Farm by the Wedding Couple.  
  • Any expensive breakages will be invoiced to the Wedding Couple and payment made into the Fleuribelle Bank Account
  • Should Fleuribelle and the Bride-to-be not reach a happy agreement of a number of email exchanges due to ecessive changes of mind, Fleuribelle reserves the right to go further and to remove themselves from further conversations.  Another farmer/florist needs to be found by the Bride-to-be.
  • Our aim is to make people happy with our eco-friendly, natural, fragrant flowers and we would like all Brides and Grroms to enjoy their special day and beautiful flowers.  Fleuribelle asks that you respect the way we work.