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Flower Farming fact and fiction

What is the truth about flower farming? Is there a way of seperating fact from the fiction? To be honest, I shouldn’t really have become a flower farmer. An odd way to start a chat on whether flower farming is a good idea or not. My reasons are few as to why it shouldn’t be for me.

My love for flowers. I love their shapes, their changing colours, their smiling, nodding heads but I feel bad picking them. then there are bugs. The sheer variety of them is amazing and how busy they are puts me to shame but I feel bad dusturbing them

I love the changing weather. The way the early morning and the way the sun slants over the farm. Then the storm clouds roll over the distant mountains create a magical display of fireworks and deumrolls. The smell of decaying Autumn leaves followed by a silent snowfall. Or that first gentle warm touch of Spring as everything comes back to life. But I’m not good in the height of the baking Summer heat and it gets hot here.

These are my reasons and yet here I am nearly three years since we moved to this beautiful 1,5 hectare piece of heaven in the Perigord Noir. We had a time limit to build a house and get the farm to a point where it was profitable so we gave ourselves three short years. How have we done? Was it a good decision? I don’t have too much time for writing long and detailed accounts but I hope you’ll share our ups and downs along with our successes and failures that bought me to the point of saying, “I shouldn’t have become a flower farmer, but I did and I am and I wouldn’t be anything else.”